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Player Name: Mimiru
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
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Name: Tsuruhime
Age: In her teens but exact age is not specified.
Gender: Female.
Fandom: Sengoku BASARA 3
Timeline: Before fighting the Western Army in Sekigahara in Red Route
History: BASARA wiki

Tsuruhime is a young priestess who can see into the future and thus praised as an oracle. She lived a quiet and peaceful life in a secluded shrine until the tension between the Eastern and Western armies began to disturb her seas in Shikoku. With her trusty shipmates and supporters, Tsuruhime mobilized to defend her home. However, Yoshitsugu Otani, seeking to use her psychic powers to Western army's advantage, deceived the naive girl with sugar-coated words to join their side. Flattered by Otani's words, she trusted him and Mitsunari to be good people and traveled around Japan to "convince" the lords in their stead. Even though successful, Tsuruhime began to doubt Otani's reliability, and the truth finally came to light when Motonari Mouri spilled it in pure irritation at her naivety. Her confrontation with him was cut short however when a legendary ninja Kotaro Fuma (aka "Twilight Feathered lord") finished off Mouri. Ironically, she had been smitten by him ever since he "saved" her twice coincidentally before this fateful encounter, and she believed that he had done so yet again. She chased down the ninja to the Tokugawa's camp and what luck! By joining the Eastern forces, she can give Yoshitsugu a piece of her mind and be with her wonderful Twilight Ninja.

Although she never manages to do so.

Character Personality:
Because she grew up in a remote island of Iyokono, Tsuruhime doesn't know much about the world outside of her little island. She has not seen many things and experienced even less. For example, whenever she gets on a horse in the game, she asks if it is a dog. She also does not seem to understand great misery or sadness - she often is puzzled by the chaos that haunts the land outside of her home. Her naivety extends to her knowledge in people as well, as she tends to believe rather than doubt. Of course, she expects the same out of others and will get upset if lied to, often with a deserving punishment.

Friendly and peppy by nature, she hates to see anyone sad and lonely. If someone needs a hug or two, she'll gladly give them one. If someone is lonely, she'll be by their side. Perhaps this is due to the nature of her profession: the priestesses in those times often took care of people as well as the shrine they were entrusted with. With that said, it is heavily implied that when she defeats her enemies, she does not kill them. All of the fatal ends dealt in her route were from Kotaro.

All the cheerfulness and innocence aside though, she is quite a strong girl who is willing to protect her home in midst of the chaos. Nine times out of ten, she will admit that she is afraid, but her bravery isn't something to be underestimated. She'll follow through her convictions - unless she was tricked of course.

One of her biggest fault is that she is easily ticked off by obvious provocations. When she was taunted by Motochika "Kaizoku-san" Chosokabe, Tsuruhime took his challenge in a huff, refusing to be called a loser by someone she deemed as a lowly pirate. Also, she is bit of a klutz. Te-heh. ☆

And as written in the reference section, Tsuruhime has a crush on a legendary ninja named Kotaro Fuma, although she has yet to get his name. So that shows her progress in the matter. But her love for "Twilight Ninja" is formed by somewhat girlish delusions that he intentionally saved her from dangers thrice. I think it is safe to say that it's closer to idolization and admiration rather than actual love. As for the people she hates, she can't stand Yoshitsugu and Mitsunari (because they tricked her) and pirates - in fact, she can't stand people who do bad things.

Character Abilities:
Tsuruhime's signature ability is her quick and light archery. Although her arrows aren't very powerful, they are pretty good in terms of accuracy and speed. And combined with her ice element, they can freeze the enemies on the spot. Even her BASARA, the game's ultimate attack, consists of her gliding along the ground as if she's ice skating and freezing enemies upon contact. It finishes with an arrow-shooting spin. Her magical arrows are capable of other things too - they can multiply the number of arrows, knock person of any size off their ground or charm people. Any foot soldier hit with the Thread-Forming Arrow will "fall in love" with her and shower her with praise and admiration. For a better picture, imagine fanboys in female idol concerts. Unfortunately, this comical attacks doesn't work on the "big bosses" - perhaps implying that the attack will only work on the weak-minded or those who lack convictions. They also glow pink occasionally if certain attacks are used, namely the Avoidance Arrow attack. Additionally equipped with the right items, she has to the power to trap people inside a bubble. Immobilizing them completely.

Similar to her archery, Tsuruhime herself is quite light-footed and flexible. She can jump great distance and height (ie. from battleship to battleship while they're fighting on the coastlines). And those ice-skating moves are not something you can pull off if your limbs can't bend properly.

Here comes the best part that sets her from the rest though: she can see into the future. The reason why she is called an "Oracle" in the first place. She must do a special ritual in order to call to the gods, involving - guess what? - shooting an arrow into the sky. Although not very credible, it seems to work. But as most of the visions of the future are, hers aren't very crystal clear and cryptic in their meanings.

More practical abilities include: riding a horse (albeit strangely), sumo wrestling, hook fishing, sailing, and making tea.

Character Weaknesses:
As mentioned before Tsuruhime can be tricked easily. Although she has learned her lesson on not trusting Yoshitsugu's sweet and manipulative words, she has long ways to go if she wants to survive in the outside world. Both emotionally and mentally. More so now that she won't have her shipmates to support and guide her. Speaking of which, she'll also have hard time dealing with negative emotions as well since she always has been surrounded by positive environment. She seems to get upset when someone is sad (i.e. Oichi. When she was crying because everyone she knew had died, Tsuruhime looked like she was going to cry herself). It's possible that because she has never really experienced powerful or extreme negative emotions before, that just seeing them stirs her up. Also the whole idea of killing people will not suit well and she would be very reluctant to finish anyone off.

As fighting goes, her size is another weakness. Because she is so petite and light, she will have a hard time facing large and powerful foe. If one is to charge at her, she will definitely be knocked a good distance away. Tsuruhime will have hard time fighting close-range as well, since most of her techniques are long or mid range. Distance is pretty much a must for her. And to some extent, her clumsiness muddles her ability to fight as she trips from time to time after she launches a super art.

Other than that she is an energetic girl who eats just about anything. No food allergies for her, thanks.


What are the abilities that your character will retain in Soul Campaign?
* Archery skills
* Ice element - I meant as a weapon, but I misunderstood this section in the first place. Deleted.
* Speed /Flexibility
* High jump, distance shortened to Soul Eater's standards. But still quite high for normal people. The height she can jump ranges from 5ft to 8ft. For a better picture, if she jumped, she can easily touch the basketball hoop. If she was desperate, she can jump to a height of an average room.
* The list of practical abilities. Even if they are little mundane.

What are the weaknesses that your character will lose or gain in Soul Campaign?
* She can't fight on her own - Sure she has the Pink Arrow Spray, but that isn't going to win her any fights. A bow needs an archer.
* Psychological and emotional weakness applies since they are part of her character.
* Small size woe still applies too.


Why your character should be a Weapon:
Although Tsuruhime leads a troop of her own, she is a poor choice for a leader really. She basically did what she wanted simply because she was allowed to, and here, there would less room for mistakes. Plus rather than being a meister, she fits the role of helping someone fight and protect (like how she is trying to protect her home) which translates into a weapon.

What is your character's Weapon form?:
Her form is an elegant white longbow that shoots unlimited arrows and has red string tied at the tip. The arrows themselves do not materialize (thus not physically part of her), but are formed by soul wavelengths. Similar to Patti and Liz's ammo.

Besides the plain normal attack, she'll have these abilities:

☆Purifying Ice: An ice-oriented arrows that freeze foes on the spot for an exact minute. Until the ice completely vanishes, they are wide open for attacks. The arrows unfortunately can be reflected, melted, and/or destroyed if the enemy is stronger than her.

☆Numerous Flashes: This attacks multiplies the amount of arrows by two. True to its name, the arrows seem as though strikes of light. However, before this ability can actually work, she needs to wait 30 seconds to gather energy - or “charge” - before launching the arrows. If charged for longer it will increase the amount of arrows. Additionally, if it is used more than fifteen times, Tsuruhime will begin to feel extremely hungry and won’t be able to use any other ability unless she fills her empty stomach.

☆Protector's charm: A circle of arrows which surrounds the meister and the weapon and protects them from physical attacks. Tsuruhime when starting out will be able to make only three arrows. However, when she gets stronger, not will the number of arrows increase, but they will also be able to take more than physical hits. But that day is far away. Each arrow vanishes as a hit has been dealt to it. As for one extremely powerful attack, they will work, but all the arrows will vanish.

It might be bit uncreative, but Tsuruhime would fit as a bow best because it is a weapon she is most comfortable with and therefore most comfortable being. And she is a priestess! There is no weapon more fitting than a magical bow. As a side-note, the red-string and the color white symbolizes love and purity respectively.

Soul Description: Cheerful, naive, optimistic, sympathetic, curious, sweet.

Soul Appearance:



First Person:
*First there is audio. A lot of buttons are pushed at the same time, making a cling-worthy noise. Then there is a rustling, a knock, and few more buttons are pushed (thankfully not at the same time). You can tell the user isn't tech savy. At all.*

Hmmm ~ This is how it works, right? *When the screen clears, a rather enlarged eye blinks before zooming shakily away, revealing a wide-eyed girl. She peers at the camera for a second before smiling.* Good afternoon Shibusen! My name is Tsuruhime, from Iyokono and one of the new recruits. ☆

... Wow. I really think this is working! *more peering at the camera, now with fascination.* I never thought it was possible, but you can store these moving picture of yourself in this little metal. It's incredible. I wish I can bring one home.

- Heh, silly me. I was going to introduce myself and here I am, ranting!

*The classical clumsy me pose before she bows slightly while holding the device in one hand.* Well then Shibusen, please take good care of me.

Third Person:
She thought she saw a flash of light before she closed her eyes. A similar light to the god's whom whisper the future in her ear. But it was different too; it didn't have that radiant warmth. Or at least that's what she thought it lacked. When the light engulfed her, she couldn't take it anymore and close her eyes. She then felt light-headed and fell to the unknown depths.

But this time the Twilight Ninja didn't come to save her.

Absent-minded thoughts began to fill her head. How unfair. She was going to teach Yoshitsugu-san a lesson for tricking her like that. At this rate, she will be late to the battle. She won't be able to see her wonderful ninja fight bravely for her. And why was it so cold in here?


When she quickly sat up, a place she had never been to greeted her. The walls, the floor, and the sealed door give off an air of a foreign world. This wasn't where she was a moment ago at all. She looked around. There were several people waking up like her, just as confused as she was. But none of them were her shipmates. Her trusty bow was nowhere to be found.

'What was going on?'

With panic slowly creeping through her veins, she got up from the cold ground. She didn't know what to do or where this was even, but she had to do something!



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