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Name: Mimiru
Personal Journal: [ profile] mimiru_piyo
AIM/MSN/etc: AIM: mimirupiyo MSN: sageofmay@hotmail

Name: Tsuruhime
Canon: Sengoku BASARA
Timeline: Post-2nd route (boat race one)

First Person:
Ooh, where could this be ...?

*Staring at the buildings in the large city, she wonders in one of the cleaner buildings. Strange, so very strange. The moving room with sunset ... this device in her hand ... and this city! They appeared suddenly. * Excuse me~? I suddenly found myself here, and I would like to get some directions!

*Of course there is no answer.*

... O-oh no! At this rate, those stupid Pirate's load will still be in my hometown! I can't allow that at all. Please, someone answer my plea ~

*preferably, he of twilight feathers of course ♥

B-but this isn't time to daydream! She obliviously runs into a different building, not noticing that her communicator is on.*

Third Person:
First she was trying to lift a heavy metal box off the ground then in the second, she was sitting in a room covered in shade of orange. She dazed off until she noticed that the surrounding outside was moving in alarming rate, and since there was no way a group of trees would be running around, the only sound conclusion was that the room was moving.

But rooms didn't move - that was ridiculous!

She sat up quickly from her seat and watched the outside view zoom by in fascinated horror. Even worse, there was no other passenger in this - this whatever she was on... that she could see. She grabbed the bow on her back slowly.

There was someone behind her.

She couldn't hear him, but this presence was not something one could ignore. It was demanding, like a warlord's aura she often witnessed during her voyages.

"Show yourself!"

But when she turned around with her bow and arrow ready, only dark red-orange shadows greeted her. She pouted, her eyebrows furrowing. She began to walk carefully towards where she thought the presence lingered. Slowly, slowly, Tsuruhime neared and when she was about to reach out -

The room stopped moving with a loud creak.

The sudden stop made her lose her balance completely she fell backwards. The presence swiftly passed her and went off the world outside the open doors. Rubbing her rear with a painful whine, she chased after it quickly.

"Wait! Tell me where this is!"


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