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純白可憐 - Precious Pure White

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Name:Tsuruhime | 鶴姬
Birthdate:May 25
Canon: Sengoku Basara
Name: Tsuruhime [鶴姫]
Alias: Oracle, Priestess of Iyokono
Age: Teens
Form: Demon Longbow
Meister: N/A
Residence: Casualty Communal 3P

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[info]kabukimono was kind enough to share the HQ videos of Tsuruhime with me and many of the icons are from those videos. Many thanks!

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being an oracle, color pink, cranes, eastern army, fortune-telling, ice skating, iyo, justice, love, nice people, not!kaizoku-san, not!mouri-san, not!otani-san, pretty things, shipmates, tangerines, the western sea, truth, twilight ninja, twilight ninja's name
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